$ 4.99

Famous Italian dessert, prepared with a crunchy biscuit shaped tube, filled with a delicious cream with chocolate chips.


$ 6.99

The classic Italian dessert, where we combine the creamy mascarpone cheese and espresso coffee flavor with ladyfingers.

Italian Cream

$ 6.99

Buttermilk cake bursting with coconut and pecans, topped with a cream cheese icing and coconut flakes.

Cheese Cake

$ 6.99

Classic New York style cheese cake, with a touch of syrup of your choice (chocolate, caramel or raspberry).

Chocolate Mousse

$ 6.99

Creamy chocolate cake, topped with cream and chocolate chips.

Carrot Cake

$ 6.99

Delicate cake made of carrot, stuffing and covered in a delicious cream cheese.

Nutella Calzone

$ 9.99


Bread Pudding

$ 9.99


Panna Cotta

$ 6.99



Split plate charge $ 4.00 (only Classics and Classic Pastas) 18% gratuity added to parties of 6 or more.